Vote Peace


Enough hate. It’s time to #Vote_Peace

Too many disasters are taking place all over the world. I’m fighting for #WorldPeace.

Have you ever actually read through the human rights? Yes? No? If you haven’t, read them now. They exist and they are important; do not forget that.

There are 30 human rights

You’re probably thinking that I’m being silly, because it clearly isn’t as easy as I’m saying. And if you are thinking this, I reckon you’re right.

This is a small blog. It’s brand new. It has a subdomain of .wordpress, which means that it probably has an even smaller amount of readers than it would have had anyway.

So, even if you DO want #WorldPeace , but you don’t think this will work, like this post anyway. Then spread the word.

The more likes this post receives, the closer we get to a united Earth. Even if it is only a couple of steps. We can show the haters that this needs to stop.

Innocent people all over the world are being hurt because of the careless actions of some other people.

I hope you’ll join the fight for #WorldPeace

4 Replies to “Vote Peace”

    1. Hi bexieboo135! I’m glad you like my blog. I tried looking at yours but it denied my access… do you know why that might be happening?

      L x


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