The Truth About Being Yourself

As kids, we’re always told that to face the world we have to be ourselves. (Maybe we’re told this as adults, too, but I wouldn’t know since I’ve never been one before.)

And trust me – I’ve tried. I often wonder if I already am myself, but the voice inside my head tends to tell me that I’m not – or that maybe I’m myself when I’m alone, but not when I’m around people.

So I’ve been wondering what ‘being yourself’ actually is. Is it to always trust yourself and go with your own decisions and opinions? Or is it to feed off the others close to you to create your own individual personality and then stick with it? Could it be something different altogether?

Without even knowing what being yourself is, I still write here that I can safely say that there are some people I can be myself around and some people that maybe I’m not sure of yet. How is that even possible?

I think it basically comes down to the world being a large group of special individuals. That we’re all unique for a reason, and at the same time we’re all here together for a reason. That we shouldn’t be afraid of sharing all the thoughts in our heads because our thoughts represent who we really are – and at the same time we shouldn’t be afraid to agree with others even when agreeing may make other people want to judge you. (Fact of life: this wouldn’t even matter because there’s almost always someone, somewhere, waiting to judge you.)

Now I’m going to make a resolution – in writing so that I can’t let it go. From now on, I’m not going to be scared. I’m just going to go for it. We all make mistakes – it’s part of being human. And when we make mistakes, we should learn from them – not shy away from them. We should all be students and teachers because, as I said, we’re all in this together.

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