Who Do I Think You Are?

Do I know you?

Do I know you online or in person?

I’m gonna go ahead and say that if I know you in person, I know you better than if I know you online. Online, we tend to only share one side of ourselves.

For instance, you don’t know about  my negative side. The side with all the problems and the sorrows. All I’ve shared with you is jumpy, happy, smiley me.

You don’t know much about my love to sing and play the piano, and about how I want to learn the guitar.

Bottom line: if you just know the online me, you don’t know much about me. Which is definitely not your fault.

You also don’t know how much you can trust me. For all you know, I could be some fifty-year-old man, trying to trick you. (Don’t worry, I promise I’m not.)

My point is, as much as I love the internet, it makes me wonder what we’re all trying to do.

You don’t even know what I my voice sounds like, for goodness’ sake! The only thing you know is the way I write. Doesn’t that bother you?

It sure bothers me. And it makes me wonder – we’re all hiding stuff. But why? What are we hiding from? Who are we hiding from?

OK. I have another dare for you. Go outside, somewhere you’ll feel comfortable while yelling at the top of your voice.

Go outside and tell the world one of your secrets. Then share it online somewhere.

Oh, I have to do it now, don’t I.

Hang on, I’ll be back in a sec.

There I did it, and I might as well tell you on here, right now.

My secret is that I’m terrified of what’s going to happen in my life. My secret is that, really, I don’t want to have to hide. I don’t want to have to care so much.

Phew, it’s done. I didn’t realise I’d was gonna be that hard!

Anyway, now you do it. (Nobody said this was gonna be easy…)


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