Hello, World!

And welcome to my blog!


You can call me L (like, actually, just ‘Elle’). But my full name is up in the tagline, in case you happened to be looking for it. Now, where to start?

The first fact I’m gonna tell you about myself is that I CANNOT write proper ‘About’ pages. Just – no. I find it really awkward talking about myself like this and I think that’s what affects my ability to write something that should be really easy to write. So we’re going to keep this short to minimise weirdness and cheesiness.

I’m 11 years old for now, but I’ll be 12 in under a month.

You may call may a fangirl. Actually, you probably should. I’m a fan of so many things and people – first and foremost, I am a massive Potterhead and Vampette (don’t know why, but I hate that name – ‘Vampette’). And Sherlockian. And whatever you call a Lord of the Rings fan (how do I not know that???) And most things in between. I really love the feeling of being part of a group of other people who love the same things.

My family are really close. The reason I didn’t put the word ‘all’ before ‘really’ is because it’s also such a big family that I don’t even know over half the people in it. This applies mainly for my mum’s side, but there are a couple of people on my dad’s side, too.

My parents are mathematicians but I’m much more of an artist. Not so much the drawing and painting part as the musical and creative writing part, but a bit of all of them, really. I think I get this from two of my awesome aunts.

The way I write some posts on this blog make me look like a philosopher. I guess I am a bit of one, in a way. I also LOVE movies.

I’m pretty excitable (or have you already guessed that) and am the polar opposite of ‘afraid’ to dream big. Seriously. If I went on about my goals you would probably think I was out of my mind. Oh well.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog, and keep checking back for regular updates and new posts.

Over and out!